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Scared About Losing Part of Your Vision After Stroke

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This next request comes from the Strokefocus.net Forum. Though it wasn’t addressed to me specifically, the answer  is useful and I believe I should share it).

Dear Joyce,

What can I do to improve my peripheral vision? I phoned my opthalmologist (who did my lens replacement some years ago) and was told nothing can be done. Is this correct? 

Scared About Losing Peripheral Vision

Dear Scared,

I suggest you read Dr. Heidi Moawad article. She is a neurologist and expert in the field of brain health and neurological disorders. The link is here: https://www.verywellhealth.com/loss-of-peripheral-vision-3146459

The bottom line? It is often common for a stroke to cause a visual field loss because the neural pathway between the eyes and the brain that clarifies what we see is a long one that can definitely be damaged by a stroke. 

Look for a second opinion, too. All doctors know different things but, as I say, no doctor knows everything. Perhaps there are exercises you can do to regain that loss.

Though loss of  peripheral may be permanent for some people, Dr. Moawad says, “A stroke that causes a loss of peripheral vision can improve over time as the stroke heals and stabilizes.” 

We’ll leave it on that very encouraging note! Write again if you regain some or all of your peripheral vision. We’d love to hear about your success. Best wishes!

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