Welcome Survivors!

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We met online, connecting over Joyce’s powerful words of stroke survivorship, a connection fueled by shared experiences. Those surrounding our near-identical hemorrhagic strokes, and those unrelated. Throughout the growth of our long-distance friendship, we discovered a mutual calling to increase awareness to the needs of stroke survivors everywhere.  We care deeply about the journey faced every day.  As survivors ourselves, we are profoundly connected to the stroke and TBI community.  It is from this connection that Brain Exchange was born. Created by  the need to, in some small way, provide a meaningful resource to the community that so many find themselves a part of,  Brain Exchange is designed to be informative, socially engaging, comforting and supportive.  The journey of a survivor is at times a bumpy road.  You are not alone. We welcome you to Brain Exchange.

Happy Exchanging!

Joyce and Sara

“You can only tell how much you’ve improved by going back to the very beginning of where you started.”



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