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Many of us have questions. Joyce shares her responses here. No matter your query-relationships, emotions, learning your new life, your challenges or frustrations, ask Joyce. Her compassionate, honest, and thoughtful replies are often funny, and always helpful.

According to  Medical News Today, Joyce Hoffman is one of the world’s top 10 stroke bloggers. Three years after her hemorrhagic stroke, Joyce published her book, “The Tales of a Stroke Patient” – a candid and often hilariously funny account of a very serious event. For over 10 years, she published a wildly popular blog under the same name, with over 703,000 readers. Recently, Joyce changed the name to “The Tales of a Stroke Survivor”to better reflect her desire to empower all struggling survivors.(Blog: Tales of A Stroke Survivor)  

In this Survivor Community, no quest for the connection of shared experiences is trivial.  No search for understanding and guidance is meaningless. No question is insignificant.

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