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Every human needs water, food, clothing, and shelter to keep them functioning. Most people have them; some do not. However, the list of needs grows for stroke and other brain-injured survivors. Hoping for recovery, balancing the need for support and independence in near-equal measures, achieving assistance from healthcare professionals, and compromising on the activities they can still maintain.  

Yet there is one more, perhaps the most important of all: the need for connection, for productive communication between family and friends. Unfortunately, many lack this very thing. Some friends disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. Some families resent the status of the blameless brain-injured individuals, or the burden of being a care-giver. 

Enter Brain Exchange, an exclusive program that meets the needs to socialize and challenge one another in thoughtful and fun ways. Survivors who join receive: A pen pal program with like-minded individuals with whom to communicate through ongoing emails, two monthly meetings which assist  in sharing their joys and struggles through real-life stories and activities,  a Private Facebook group called “Brain Exchange” to expose their fears, frustrations, and depressive triggers as well as to observe their thoughts and dreams. 

Regular Podcasts to share the outlook of a war veteran with a TBI. A mentoring program to connect with a mentor , a TBI survivor, to help guide them along this rocky path  of survivorship in a compassionate, supportive and understanding way with complete confidentiality. Backstrokes – a music group of stroke survivors that meets weekly to play and enjoy the uplifting role of music in the lives of humans everywhere, particularly survivors. No musical training or knowledge is necessary to join in the fun!

Brain Exchange is unique and international, and people flock to it. Why? The answer is easy if you think about it, and that is, it responds to  the human needs of stroke and other brain-injured survivors. Welcome, Brain Exchange! Sign up here:

Joyce and Sara

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