Confusion About Ending the Agony

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Dear Joyce,

I had two strokes, the first in August 2013 and the second during back surgery in late 2019, and I now, 10 months later, I am still feeling the effects of depression. At times and infrequently, I want to end it all, but other times I even laugh at someone’s joke or funny anecdote. It’s the former, wanting to end it all, that makes we worried that somehow I will. 

I don’t have health insurance for a psychologist since I thought that would be your answer. Help is needed, and the sooner the better. 


Hapless Stroke Survivor

Dear Hapless,

Don’t fret. I was going to suggest an impartial psychotherapist, but without insurance, I have other ideas, too. A licensed social worker is a close second to build up your self esteem and give your life worth where you won’t have thoughts “to end it all.” A member of the clergy would do as well. Please investigate your local hospital and see if they have services. Just recognizing your thoughts as a last-resort action shows that you know it’s not the way to go. 

Best of luck, Hapless.  And hopefully, the next time you write to me, perhaps you will sign Happy Stroke Survivor!

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